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Impeccable design features that will go your buyers go wow

Design Features

A Glimpse Of Design Features That Promise The Perfect First Impression That Stays Put.

Responsive Layout

Responsive design is not an added feature anymore, it has marked its territory as a crucial design aspect. Royo Apps gives your ecommerce a truly responsive design that drives high on the user experience and user interface parameters. Your ecommerce will run seamlessly across all screen platforms.

Mobile Ready

The times are calling for instant gratification, and you can’t afford to lose your customers who are always on the go. So, Royo Apps comes mobile ready so that your customers can login to your ecommerce whenever they want.

Theme Manager

Royo Apps gives you complete freedom on how you want your ecommerce to look like. Give your ecommerce the right theme that resonates with your business, your niche and your target audience in the best possible way.

Product/service Filters

Give your customers the freedom to view products according to the categories, cost and many other parameters so that they can find the right product or service quickly and easily. Royo Apps brings along a highly intelligent search system that works brilliantly with customized search options.

Swift Checkout Funnel

Royo Apps is more than an ecommerce, it’s a strategically designed checkout funnel that begins with enticing your customers and guides them towards the checkout form in a calculative manner. Developed by ecommerce design experts, Royo Apps is created to maximize your ROi.

Customization Options

No two businesses are the same, and thus, your ecommerce should also look like your own and not like someone else’s. Royo Apps allows you to give your ecommerce a unique identity with impressive aesthetics.

Make A Strong First Impression

Unleash the true potential of your business with Royo Apps

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