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Kart Labs Features

Launching a successful multi vendor store doesn’t get easier and better than this.

Design Features

Responsive Design

Offer seamless browsing and shopping experience across all screen sizes, leading to higher conversions and better revenues.

Dedicated Seller/Buyer Dashboard

Dedicated sections allow you to check the end user details in a more organized way, allowing you to manage things easily.

Featured Products

Boost your sales by showcasing your best selling products in the featured products section and get better ROI.

Customized Design

Launch your marketplace exactly how you feel your target audience would want it to look like. Kart Labs brings you the power of easy and efficient design customizations.

Product management features

Catalog System

An extremely easy to use catalog system allows you to add products and descriptions in an instant. Such a quick and easy setup allows you to start selling immediately and also makes adding more items.


Download, save and/or upload all the data in a simple to use CSV format for backups, updates and much more. Import/Export feature makes transition from old marketplaces to Kart Labs system really easy.

Tax Management

Set tax slabs depending on cost and product category for easy tax calculations and management. No need to calculate taxes manually, just add tax percentage as per the product category and leave the rest to the automated tax calculator.

Favourite Supplier

Give your customers the freedom to view products from their favorite suppliers and improve your AOV in return.

Rewards and Discounts

Offer sign-up, first time buyer and other special offers & discounts to enhance brand loyalty among your customers.

Easy Discounts

Make your customers move faster through the sales funnel to keep cart abandonment instances as low as possible.

Ecommerce Features

Order Management

Dispatch and deliver customer orders in the most time efficient manner while also saving fuel costs through advanced order management.

End User Management

Be it your sellers or buyers, Kart Labs gives you the freedom to manage all your users in a segregated and streamlined way.

Database Management

Manage all your data and keep regular backups for any sudden server issues.

Multicurrency Support

Go global and tap international markets by giving customers the freedom to check prices in their local currency.

Multilingual Support

Tap the market that would like to buy from you but doesn’t understand the global language well.

Multivendor Marketplace

Add as many vendors you want to through a simple and easy to use “Add Vendor” functionality of Kart Labs. The more vendors on your marketplace.


Unlike other marketplaces, Kart Labs is a content management system that allows you to add, remove and update content easily and quickly, without needing to write a single line of code.

Marketing Features

PPC Advertisements

Earn through each click from the ads put on your marketplace website by your sellers/suppliers.

Social Media Integration

Allow your customers to share their buying experience on social media and enjoy a broader and yet, a focused reach.

Search Engine Optimized

From meta descriptions to search engine friendly URLs to uploading browser compatible images, Kart Labs gives you total control over creating an SEO centric marketplace.

Promotional Banners

Create promotional banners informing your customers about upcoming deals, offers and discounts to attract more footfall.

Payment Features

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options gives your customers the freedom to make payments through credit cards, debit cards or the old and trusted cash on delivery.

Payment Gateway On Request

Kart Labs gives you the freedom to add any payment gateway you want to attach to your portal. Just name it and we will integrate it for you.

Refund and Withdrawal Management

Refunds are a bitter aspect of business, but Kart Labs gives you the ability to make it less fussy for your customers.

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