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Is SSL certification included in the package?

SSL comes pre integrated if you go for our subdomain. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy SSL certificate and we’ll integrate it for you at no extra cost.

What technologies did you use to create Royo Apps mobile apps?

We used our standard native iOS and Android mobile app development stack.

Which kind of cache does Royo Apps use?

Kart Labs uses Redux Server for caching.

What database tool you rely on?


How do you take care of horizontal scalability of a marketplace built on Royo Apps?

Kart Labs is a SaaS and is backed up by our servers, and thus scalability is done through our own devops team.

Will there be different product listings for the same product with different pricing sold by different sellers?


Can buyers rate individual products or the overall vendor/seller ?

Only sellers

Are Kart Labs mobile applications available with all packages of Royo Apps?

Yes, it’s a complete bundle.

Are Kart Labs mobile applications compatible with all versions of mobile operating systems?

If you are talking about iOS4 and other legacy operating systems, no-one’s using it, neither are we, and nor should you. Update your OS, and see how powerful Kart Labs is.

Do you charge a transaction fee for every transaction done on Royo Apps?

No, we want you to maximize your business without worrying about how much you may give away as transaction charges.

What is the cost of customization?

Although Kart Labs is a robust and fully functional system in itself, if you want any extra feature integrated into it, we can do the same at a nominal price of  $18/hr.

What’s the limit of number of sellers I can bring on my marketplace built on Royo Apps?

We created Kart Labs so you can do as much business as you want, and thus, there’s no limit of vendors you can bring onboard.

Can I upload a product image from my vendor app?

No, and you shouldn’t. Use a proper computer to see how the image will look when viewed on the big screens. At the same time, computers will also allow you to let you put your product’s best face forward.

Do I get the documentation and source code of Royo Apps?

You can easily get the documentation on request. But you won’t get the source code, nope.

What about my post launch marketing?

Kart Labs comes with amazing SEO oriented CMS. If you want to go for other digital marketing strategies, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can proceed with the same.

Does Royo Apps support multilingual and multicurrency features?

Yes, Kart Labs is created in a way that it makes you want to go global. No boundaries, just great business.

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