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Launching A Ecommerce With Royo Apps

Royo Apps allows you to prepare your Ecommerce for amazing business in a methodical, stepwise process.

Here’s how you can setup your Ecommerce with Royo Apps

1 Discussion, Subscription & Installation


A thorough discussion is done to understand your requirements, budget, objective and many other factors.


After a thorough discussion and confirming that we are a right fit for your goals, we enter an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and you sign-up a subscription with Royo Apps.


As the name suggests, this is the point where we install the Royo Apps system on your system. There are no installation charges, just great business.

2 Configure Important Settings

This is where the whole customization and personalization begins, starting with entering your country, state, setting up the payment gateway of your choice, the whole shebang.

This is also where you will land on the admin panel from where you can create catalogs, approve and manage vendor and buyer profiles.

3 Add Product Information

Next comes the part where you start adding the products and/or services you want to offer to your target audience. As a multivendor store, we want you to have all the control of the ecommerce, and thus, every product added by your vendors will be first approved by you before it appears on the buyer’s screen.

4 Launch Your Multivendor Store

Once all your products/services are mentioned on the ecommerce, it’s time to launch it and make an official announcement in the digital world. At the same time, you also add an email account for your email marketing.

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5 Manage Your Ecommerce

Once the ecommerce is up and running, you need to manage it, right? And that’s why Royo Apps gives you a plethora of features to help you improve productivity.

And then there is Royo Apps’ immensely efficient report feature, from where you can new signups, products and/or services sold, tax report, commissions, and much more.

So, are you ready for the fast, reliable, highly customizable and readymade ecommerce system that can help you tap your target market in the most prolific way?

Royo Apps is a result of thorough research, deep knowledge and extensive experience of web designing, UX designs and digital business trends.

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