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Multiple Currency

Go global and tap any country’s customers while facilitating them to check the prices in their native currency and improve your revenues instantly.

Search Engine Optimized

No need to worry about your business’ visibility on the Internet, for Kart Labs gives you search engine optimized pages to help you stay ahead in the game.

Global Presence

We equip kart Labs with everything that your business needs to have a global outreach with strategically designed pages.

Highly Customizable Platform

Kart Labs gives you the freedom to give your ecommerce business any look and feel you want to with a plethora of personalization options and categories.

Customizable Promotions

Marketing is not a one size fits all cap, and thus, Kart Labs allows you to create a fully customized promotion campaign for your varied target audience.

Impeccable Data Security

Kart Labs brings the power of Blockchain, the decentralized system to secure all the user data. Becoming a trusted brand has become way easier!

Customizable Commissions

Set commission rates from different vendors as per your choice. No more fixed commission slabs, choose your commissions at your discretion.

Stress Free Setup

Kart Labs is a readymade ecommerce platform that comes with the world’s easiest setup, allowing you to launch your business in no time.

Loyalty Program

Retaining loyal customers while making new ones gets easier with Kart Labs preinstalled loyalty program module.

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