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Performance Tracking Vendor Dashboard

Vendors can track the performance of their marketplace including commission, the total number of orders, track product sales. This complete data is shown in the form of graphs.

Customized Coupon Creation

You can add or delete coupons to entertain your user. You can also limit the usage of coupons and can also  restrict it with category as well.

Customized Carts To Upload Bulk Products

Our software offers secure cart development services for hassle-free usage. You can also customize your cart according to your requirement.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

We offer hassle-free payment services that empower payment processing securely and deliver flexible payment options.

Maintenance & Support

Get support and maintenance for your web and app on time whenever the need occurs.

Modular Architecture

This provides extensive customization of both the frontend and backend of your website as well as app.


By streamlining the goods, marketplace saves the time of both buyers and sellers. Having one stop to trade goods on the worldwide market enables buyers and sellers to work efficiently and manage transactions with confidence.

Real Time Tracking

The seller and buyer,both can track the orders after the order is placed. This helps in order management and provides real time tracking option.


We provide a unique marketplace platform that is scalable and allows your online store to grow with your business quickly.

Restrict Categories Per Vendor

Another latest feature is the capability of the Marketplace admin to add N number of categories and subcategories Switch to a better way of building Android Apps for choice by vendors or pick specific categories for each vendor. You can choose a default number of product categories and permit the vendor to decide which ones to adopt or select particular types which cannot be modified by the vendor.

Multi Language Support

Royo Apps seeks customers from all around the globe. So we have enabled our market place with multilingual support.

A storefront for everyone

Every member of your marketplace will have their profile page, which they can use as a full-fledged storefront. Storefronts will demonstrate their listings, bio, and reviews from buyers.

Mobile Responsive

To enable you to access your marketplace from your mobile. We have designed our product in such a way that it is accessible in all devices.

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