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The Perfect Turnkey Solution For All Your Marketplace Needs

Royo Apps: The Most Powerful Marketplace Builder

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A Turnkey Solution For The Digitally Inspired

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Unlimited Possibilities

Royo Apps empowers you to tap every online business industry.

Cab Booking

Mark an astounding entry in the online cab booking world with Royo Apps. From dispatcher dashboard to an elaborate admin panel, enjoy complete control on your business, going live and viral with each booking.
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Pharmaceutical Services

Become a part of the fastest growing online business. Royo Apps brings you the perfect online medicine delivery solution to help you ensure your end users receive the right medicine at the right time.
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Floral Services

More and more people are looking for online services to send flowers to a loved one or order flowers for decorating their homes, venues etc. Deliver flowers as fresh as they can get with a highly sophisticated delivery algorithm.
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Housekeeping Services

Help your customers keep their houses dirt and dust free and lead a healthy, disease free life. From cleaning the whole house to the carpet, furniture, chimney and much more, make things happen the right way with Royo Apps.
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Child Care Services

This particular niche is gaining a fast traction in the online world. Offer child care services to working parents with babysitting services, paediatricians and/or paediatric services. Bring child care service seekers and providers at one platform.
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Roadside Emergency

Don’t let a stalled car affect your customers’ journey. Launch your on demand roadside assistance portal with Royo Apps. From engine to tyre repair to spares, bring it all you can on board to become a trusted roadside assistance provider.
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Automobile Care

Let your customers book a car wash and avail the services without moving stepping out of the house. Bring in the benefits such as real time notifications and multiple payment options to enhance the user experience.
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Cannabis Store

With Royo Apps, you can also create a cannabis store for medical and recreational purposes, depending on the drug control laws of your target region. Uber for weed is a ra[idly growing niche, with many vendors and consumers looking for each other on the internet. Tap this market and enjoy great success.
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Packers & Movers

Help people move to a new place and make great business while doing so. Propel you online packing and moving business to greater heights with fully customizable and feature rich portal.
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