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Break New Ground In Your Business With Flexible B2B or B2C Marketplace Platform Royo Apps

Get On-Demand marketplace for Your Customers

What Makes Royo Apps Special?

Complete Control Over On-Demand Marketplace

Your Custom Output

We thoroughly examine your niche and audience, no hit or miss here. As a result, you have a different product tailored to your business. A custom application supports you completely and accomplishes tasks the way you require with more efficiency.

Blockchain Based App

We understand the emerging need for growing technology-enabled apps. So we have power-packed our marketplace app with Blockchain. This enables you to get a feature-rich app at a reasonable cost.

Unlocking Real Value from AI

With this software, you will be a part of the future-ready feature-rich app, and It provides a broad range of capabilities, enabling it to deliver faster and more accurate insights from AI with less infrastructure.

Social Integration

This enables the admins, customers, vendors to communicate with each other for sharing price, services, reviews. They can also share their shopping experience, images, etc over the same platform.

High-End Admin Panel

The admin panel of this marketplace helps you to get everything in one place. You can perform an N number of actions within a single click.

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Inbuilt User Apps and Website

In this software, you will get both marketplace website as well as App. It will help you reach your prospective customers easily as these days mobile apps the most trending thing.
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Vendor Dashboard and Apps

You will get a full-fledged dashboard where you can perform your operations smoothly. There are customized apps for vendors that will help them in achieving success for their business.

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Agent App

Delivery staff is an essential asset for any business. So we have crafted a solution for that as well. So our marketplace comes with a personalized agent app.
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Why Choose Royo Apps?

Because Online marketplace is all about the users

Highly Scalable, Robust and Secure Back-end

Develop A Multiplatform Approach

Comprehensive Automation Framework For web, mobile, and API testing


Hassle Free

Don’t Wait

Make Your On-Demand Marketplace App A Reality Today

But That’s Not All

Key Features Included in an On-demand Marketplace Software

Multistore Functionality

Many vendors have multiple stores. So they wish to manage all their stores at the same time. Royo Apps provide you a marketplace website that offers sellers the ability to add multiple stores to benefit the vendor and admin’s business.

Promotion Management

With Royo Apps, you can create customized promotional offers to meet your business goals and to promote your brand. Promotions can also be further customized according to the vendor and seller category.

Product Approval Power

You can own a private marketplace. This feature allows you to approve seller and buyer requests. You also have the power to approve their products before they are live.

All-inclusive Admin Control Panel

As a person who runs a business, the admin dashboard enables you to take control of the process. You can customize the job listings, sign in/sign up requests, setup the commission and do further by taking advantage of this feature.

Robust Payment Mechanism

Transactions should be safe and reliable; this is what your customer admires. Incorporate genuine debt mechanisms such as stripes, Braintree, etc to streamline the payment process.

Analytics Tracking

From an organizational aspect, its growth is precisely related to how well they know their customers and themselves. Analytics feature facilitates your attempts to gain insights on how the customers act, what their expectations are and what you require to do to improve your platform experience.

Pre-built Email Templates

If you require to go a step further, then add ready-made templates, which encourages businesses to convey promotional emails/newsletters to their clients without spending much time on it.

Private Chat Options

An individual communication medium that allows the service seekers and professionals to converse with each other is necessary; it helps service providers understand the requirements clearly.

Multi-currency Support

Providing amendable payment options are essential; mainly if you intend to include international users, you should enable them to pay by the currency they are convenient with.

Time Saving

Out-of-the-box e-marketplaces are more affordable than e-commerce websites. You need to purchase a module and the license, and that’s it. You don’t spend lots of hours on development or infrastructure. You get prebuilt code and can operate within the comfort of your home.

Promotional Offers

You can add customized coupon code and add promotional offers to attract users and engage them with your marketplace.

UI Customization

High-end UI customization which enables you to improve user interface, boost sales and generate a long term relationship with the clients.

Quick Glance

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Features and functionalities determine how the platform is going to respond to the user inputs. So you can try our software and watch the demo including its features and be assured how that are requisite for the success of your business.

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