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Marketplace Solution

Royo Apps is a feature-packed marketplace solution prepared to launch a marketplace of any and all niches, known and unknown. Join the popular marketplace bandwagons or start a new niche with Royo Apps. Royo Apps also brings you the power of Blockchain to keep all your and users’ data secure from malicious elements on the Internet. This is a complete turnkey solution that also brings complete peace of mind.

Beauty Experts
Food Delivery
Home Decor

E-Commerce Solution

Whether it’s a multivendor store or a single vendor virtual store, Royo Apps lets you create any ecommerce business of all sizes with unparalleled ease. Get all the features you need to put your dream venture into motion. What’s more, you also get the power of Blockchain for complete data security. Become the next market leader with class leading user-experience enhancing features.

On Demand Business Launcher

Why rely on old methods to join the fast paced business world of on-demand economy? Start your own one-demand business in the likes Uber, Foodpanda, etc. within a matter of few hours. Royo Apps brings along extensive customization options to give your on-demand business the perfect look and user appeal.

Cab Booking
Gas Filling
Packers and Movers
Lawn Services

Special Features

Bagful Of Benefits

Royo Apps Assures A Complete Peace Of Mind

Extensive Customizability

Royo Apps empowers you to launch an online business that looks and works exactly the way you want it to. Backed by innumerable customization options, making your dream venture a reality becomes easier than ever before.

15 Days Free Trial

A free of cost trial period of 15 days will help you confirm that Royo Apps is the right solution for you. Just test the wheels and get a drift of how amazing Royo Apps can prove with all its functional features.

Quality Product

Royo Apps strikes the right design-functionality equilibrium to let you deliver a great user experience. Become the next big business in the digital world with a design that engages right from the first glance.

No Infrastructure Required

No need to hire a team of developers or designers, no need to setup anything revolving around lines of code. Royo Apps is a fully functional readymade solution that you simply need to customize as per your requirements, and that’s it!

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A Picture May Be Worth A Thousand Words But It’s Nowhere Close To A Demo Video

Royo Apps gives you complete virtual tour through an elaborate demo video. Just go through the demo to know how efficient and useful Royo Apps is. A complete set of business and end-user centric features allows you to launch a prolific business that gains good traction quite quickly and easily.

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