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Easy and hassle free payments

Made possible with Royo Apps

Payment Features

Improve AOV & Revenues Through Royo Apps’ Enhanced Payment Features

Multiple Payment Methods

From good old cash on delivery to making payments through credit and debit cards, Royo Apps makes sure your customers can make payments in a mode they are familiar and comfortable with.

Commission Settings

Royo Apps gives you an extensive range of commission settings as a website admin. You can set commissions according to product categories, vendors and products. After each sale, vendors and the site admin will be able to see the total sale amount and the amount of commission to be deducted according to the set rate.

Refund Management

Refunds, this is something no business owner wants to talk about, can’t blame them for it, right? But Royo Apps understands the importance of returns and refunds in user experience. Its highly effective damage control system makes sure refunds are executed in a timely fashion.

Payment Gateway On Request

Multiplied Revenues With Multiple Payment Options

Launch a marketplace that scores high on user experience scale

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