Brewing Success with Madhav Murali, Director, Hunter & Skipper

1. Can you please share a little something about your venture Hunter & Skipper?

MM: H&S is a people advisory firm where we help our clients in identifying the shortcomings or challenges in people-related matters, whether structural, external or recruitments. We believe it’s the people that make a firm not the other way around.

2. Could you draw a basic outline of the difference you see in the industry pre & post-pandemic. 

MM: The only difference is that the approach has changed towards doing business. Short term budgets are looked at more seriously than long term budgets. In the times of uncertainty products and services need tailoring. Work from home is credible for some but is not a solution for all kind of businesses. 

3. The does and don ts for a new brand to survive & flourish in the current scenario.

MM: Do’s

–  Staggered Investment
– Optimum utilization of resources 


– Cutting costs which are not utilized
– Overburden employees  with unrealistic expectations 
– Unreasonable Projections

4. What do you think makes your brand different from its competitors, considering there’s tough competition in the industry?  

– our employees work as one unit.
– There is no boss-subordinate relationship.
– Priority on Quality rather than Quantity

5. What digital innovation in the consultancy tech space you think will make a mark in 2021? 

– RPA & Hyperautomation

6. A little something about your 5-year plan, where do you see yourself and your company in another 5 years. 

MM: A firm that is able to capture the needs of future, people-oriented firms. Where it looks at sustained and marquee ideas and a tailored success.

7. What do you think are the makings of a good & efficient leader, out of those making which ones do you think are part of your personality.

MM: Patience and Discipline 

8. What single project or task would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?

MM: Project KSA where we had to infuse talent in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Europe for an important project.

9. What keeps you motivated while dealing with obstacles & failures.

MM: Hunger to learn more

10. A word of advice for a person about to enter the industry?

MM: Be Hungry

November 11, 2020



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