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  • Auto Task

  • Route

  • Targeted

  • Real-time

  • Advanced

  • Comprehensive

Improve Your Delivery Experience

Integrated Communication

Benefit your customers with hassle-free communication & flexibility to call or message their driver or dispatcher with a single tap.

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Feedback Collection

Add more to your customer’s experience allowing them to leave their honest feedback in the form of review & ratings for their deliveries.

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Live Updates & ETAs

Send real-time updates with accurate predictive arrival times to keep your customers in the loop throughout the delivery process.

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AI-Based, Data-driven Decisions

Monitor Key Metrics

Track the numbers that matter the most. From on-time deliveries & late orders to service times & feedback scores, get everything at one place.

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Advanced Analytics

Get real-time, AI-based analytics providing detailed insights to make better decisions for improvising your delivery operations.

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Business Reporting

Keep a bird’s eye view on your business with comprehensive reports for every level of your delivery operation.

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Accelerate Your Business Growth With The Best Delivery Management Software

Powerful, Limitless Integrations

Royo Dispatcher is a highly & scalable delivery solution that can be integrated with
any ordering systems and other software seamlessly.

Enjoy Unlimited Integrations

Automate, Optimize & Scale Your Delivery Operations Through An Advanced Dispatcher Panel, Customized To Your Needs

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