How To Create Last Mile Delivery Dispatcher Software?

Simply put, ‘last-mile delivery’ is the final phase of the product journey as it travels from the manufacturer to the destination; the consumer.

It is vital that processes are carried out seamlessly in the final leg of the supply-chain network. If that doesn’t happen, the business bears the burden of high costs, loss of customers and weak customer loyalty rate. 

And in the long run, this can only mean bad news. To avert that, businesses use on-demand dispatch software to streamline deliveries and reap the benefits of economies of scale. With features like end-to-end route planning, communication, dispatch, and analytics platform, a dispatcher software handles the heavy lifting and helps you focus on your customers.

Further, such a software is a one-stop differentiator for firms that are trying to build a loyal customer base. So, if you haven’t already, deploy an on-demand dispatch software like the Royo Dispatcher solution and scale growth exponentially.

But before you hire developers, know the process to build a dispatcher software:

Last-Mile Delivery Software Development Process

Though the exact process varies from one company to another–as per the business type, scale, and needs–the general process stays more or less the same.

  • Define a Framework

Understand the benefits you seek by using an on-demand dispatch software for your business. Then, create a blueprint of all the software features, panels, and configurations you need.

  • Design

The software should be easy to use and deploy. It greatly impacts the extent and number of benefits you’ll derive from it in the short and long run.

  • Develop

Instruct the hired developers to use the most relevant tech stack so that your business gets the bandwidth to maximize its revenue-earning capabilities.

  • Test

This is where the role of quality analysts comes into play. They perform comprehensive software testing to find and fix bugs and glitches if any.

  • Launch

The final deployment stage is where you get to see how the software works. Make sure that all bugs have been fixed and upgrades have been made.

Must-Have Features in a Dispatcher Software

By adding the right features, you can significantly increase the delivery capacity while improving on-time delivery rates and customer satisfaction. 

There are two panels in an on-demand dispatch software:

Agent Panel

Efficiently manage personnel using the advanced geo-location feature and access metrics at the click of a button.


  1. Real-Time Tracking
    Stay on top of your operations. Use GPS to monitor & track the drivers deployed to ensure optimum productivity.
  2. Dispatch Automatically
    Use the power of auto-allocation algorithms to dispatch deliveries automatically based on the number of drivers available online.
  3. Manage Drivers
    Use the dashboard to keep checks & manage all SKUs. Calculate drivers’ behavior on factors like overspeeding, fatigued driving, etc.
  4. Driver Payout
    Ensure personnel job satisfaction. At the tap of a button on the dispatcher panel, instantly approve driver payout requests.
  5. Reporting & Alerts
    Get engine & tire utilization reports, fuel wastage reports, driver analytics reports, etc. within seconds simply by clicking a button.

Driver App

Boost personnel efficiency by empowering them with the benefits of optimized routes, in-app chat & e-proof of delivery.


  1. Get Task Notifications
    Drivers get timely alerts about pick-ups and deliveries. This allows them to accept tasks on time and deliver results with efficiency.
  2. Navigation and Route Optimization
    Personnel can use GPS to identify the shortest route & reach the accurate location on time. As such, they can take up more deliveries and earn more.
  3. Add Customer Details
    Allow them to easily add and edit details such as name, email ID, and contact numbers of existing and new clients.
  4. Get Timely Alerts
    Know the ETA considering sudden changes in weather conditions, traffic, etc. Ensure there are no surprises when it comes to timely delivery.
  5. Record Proof of Delivery
    Enable drivers to type their e-signature or capture their photo on their mobile phone to show proof of work.

Advanced Features in a Dispatcher Software

The features listed below will give you a competitive edge and make you scale revenue at an exponential rate: 

  1. Route Optimization
    Easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries.
  2. Geofencing
    Mark the operational area of your agents by creating multiple geofences via last-mile delivery software.
  3. Fleet Management
    Increase profits and reduce delays by monitoring your fleet with a fleet management & tracking system.
  4. SMS Gateways
    Regulate end-to-end communications between your business and customers with ease.
  5. Delivery Analytics
    Improve productivity and ensure accountability with the help of detailed task history and comprehensive driver performance metrics.
  6. In-App Chat
    Provide a quick fix to all client queries with a real-time chat support system.
  7. Proof Of Delivery
    Collect driver signatures and photos to maintain driver traceability and accountability.

Summing Up

On-demand dispatch software is a robust tool that uses a vast array of modern and automated tech-led tools to streamline the entire process of delivery operations to achieve efficiency, profitability, and optimal use of available resources. 

The Royo Dispatcher solution is a state-of-the-art last-mile solution that is 100% customizable and can be easily integrated with third-party APIs. If you’re looking for a robust dispatcher software that boosts business competencies, Royo Dispatcher is the one-stop platform.

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March 14, 2023



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