6 Things to Consider to Build Grocery Delivery App Like BigBasket

Gone are the days when people had to visit the supermarket to buy groceries. In today’s world with modern technologies, all you need to do is log into a website, place your order and get it delivered to your doorstep. The best examples are BigBasket, Grofers, and Instacart. These companies are making the most of the on-demand business model. And the trend is only going to rise as research predicts the online grocery market would cross approximately $250 billion in sales by 2025. 

Considering these stats, it makes sense to start with your own grocery app development process. But before we dive deep into the “what and how,” let’s first explore –

Why are Grocery Apps on Top of the App Popularity Charts? 

  • They are Time-savers

With on-demand grocery apps, there’s no need to commute to the nearest grocery store, walk through aisles or stand in a queue to clear your bill. A few clicks and the app brings products to your home at your convenience, saving your time significantly. 

  • They Save Your Money

Unlike the traditional grocery stores, the grocery shopping apps are full of special offers and discount coupons whenever you shop. That helps save your hard-earned money. 



  • They Let You Shop for Others Easily

Have a loved one who is clueless about or can’t manage to go grocery shopping? Then you can turn to grocery delivery applications as these apps let you shop groceries for others and get those delivered to their homes without any hassles.

  • They Keep You from Impulsive Buying

Since you won’t be visiting the grocery store in person, your chances of buying those unnecessary items will decrease considerably. It becomes easier for you to stick to your list and avoid those extra packets of chips, chocolates, or unnecessary items.

Things to Consider to Build Your Own Grocery Delivery App like BigBasket 

While there is no magic formula to a successful grocery app business, keeping the following aspects in mind could assure you a good start:

  1. Do Your Market Research 

Evaluating the present market, along with your target customers and competitors, is crucial when you’re starting. Research your competitors’ grocery apps and the features they offer. Understand what your customers need and include the functionality that would resolve their pain points. The more accurate your market assessment is, the more you’ll be able to create an outstanding app. 

  1. Draw a Budget

Developing an app like BigBasket can cost a lot. There are multiple aspects to consider, such as features, scale, duration of development, testing, and maintenance. A local grocery delivery app covering an area of a few miles would cost you less than the one operating across the city. Hence, it is vital to plan and create a budget to not go overboard with your money.


  1. Devise Monetising Strategy 

Since you are creating an app to make money, devising a monetisation strategy at the beginning is critical. You could upcharge the items, charge users for delivery, run ads or earn commission on orders. It all depends on what works best in your target area and customers as per the research data.

  1. Divide the App into Three Dimensions – Users, Admins & Delivery Agents

For your grocery delivery app to work smoothly, you must consider not one, not two, but three perspectives. They are – users (your target customers), delivery agents and the admins (vendors/stores/merchants & your team). 

You have to provide the users with an elegant, fuss-free front-end for seamless ordering and the delivery guys with a robust back-end app for prompt pick-ups and drops. Besides, there has to be an admin panel for vendors to review the business operations.

  1. Be Tech-aware

Grocery app development like BigBasket requires a combination of solid technologies. Hence, it is beneficial to gain some tech awareness even if you’re going to hire an app development company for the job. A little knowledge will help you gauge the ground and control costs.

  1. Include Essential Features 

For your app to click with an extensive audience, it must have:

  1. Intuitive UI – The app should be easy to use for everyone with a simple, intuitive design. 
  1. Smooth Signups/Logins – It should facilitate quick logins and easy user registrations with all critical user information, such as name, address, phone number, and email ID.
  1. Operational Characteristics – A rich grocery app must offer the creation and sharing of shopping lists, rapid product search, product recommendations, and delivery scheduling. In addition, you can add a cost calculator, special coupons, and customer reward programmes.
  1. Swift Checkout with Multiple Payment OptionsDifferent consumers use different payment methods. Hence, incorporating multiple payment options with a seamless one-click checkout is a good idea. 
  1. Real-time Order Status, Tracking & Updates – Customers don’t just want a grocery delivery, but also a grocery Delivery Management System with real-time updates. Thanks to advancing GPS technologies, plugins, and tools, it’s possible to do so  similar to BigBasket order status.
  1. Data Security – Since your app will store sensitive user details, it’s vital to employ a stringent security mechanism for data protection. 
  1. Customer Support and Reviews – Your app must include simple in-app actions to ask for help in case of any issues. Similarly, it must consist of ways to let users rate and review their experience, products & delivery agents’ services.  This will help you find areas of improvement.

Understand that your grocery delivery app would be an ever-evolving business, requiring you to adapt as per the dynamic market needs and demands on an ongoing basis. 
It is a complex process indeed. However, with the right development partner such as Code Brew, it can be a road to success for you and an excellent experience for your customers.

May 14, 2021



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